High Risk Nitrile Gloves

Introducing our Nitrile High-Risk Gloves, the ultimate protective barrier for those working in demanding environments. Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, these gloves provide unmatched defense against a wide range of chemicals while ensuring your hands are cared for with our proprietary SkinCare technology.

Unparalleled Chemical Resistance with High ACN Content
Our Nitrile High-Risk Gloves are engineered with a high acrylonitrile content, making them an impenetrable shield against chemicals, oils, and hazardous substances. Whether you're handling industrial chemicals or working in a laboratory, trust these gloves to keep your hands safe from harm.

SkinCare Shield for Maximum Hand Comfort
Our gloves are equipped with our exclusive SkinCare compound, offering a layer of protection that goes beyond safety. SkinCare ensures your hands stay comfortable, preventing irritation and dryness even during prolonged use. You can focus on your tasks without worrying about discomfort.

Weight Options for Enhanced Precision
We offer a range of glove weights, from 5 grams to a robust 11 grams. This variability allows you to select the perfect balance between durability and dexterity, ensuring you have the right gloves for your specific needs.

A Perfect Fit for All Hand Sizes
Our Nitrile High-Risk Gloves are available in a comprehensive size range, from XS to XXL, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for every hand. You no longer need to compromise on safety due to ill-fitting gloves.

Superior Grip for Enhanced Control
Choose between full-textured or diamond grip textured options, tailored to your preferences and requirements. These grips provide excellent control and ensure a secure hold on even the most challenging surfaces.

Meets Stringent PPE Standards
Our gloves comply with the rigorous EN374 and EN420 PPE standards, guaranteeing that they are manufactured to the highest quality and safety specifications. You can trust these gloves to meet and exceed the expectations of professional standards.

In summary, our Nitrile High-Risk Gloves are the pinnacle of hand protection in demanding environments. From chemical resistance to hand comfort, these gloves deliver on all fronts. Whether you work in healthcare, manufacturing, or any industry where safety is paramount, our gloves offer the peace of mind you need. Choose quality, choose protection, choose our Nitrile High-Risk Gloves. Your hands deserve the best.